ILF consulting PC (Greece)

ILF Consulting operates since 2012 with remarkable success in the field of consulting services responding promptly and efficiently to the needs of the following 4 categories:

  1. Individuals, "anthropocentric services"
  2. Entrepreneurs, "Business services"
  3. Public Organizations and Institutions "Public Services and Organizations »
  4. Research & development- Innovation- Creativity.

Our services range from management and digital marketing, business development to investment solutions, funding tools, tax & financing consulting services.

ILF consulting and its specialized executive staff are ready to cope with every need and with every challenge. Our network, executives, scientists, internal and external strategic partners are dedicated to the proper management of our clients requests and the qualitative and timely outputs.

The unique and innovative combination of our departments provides comprehensive consulting and high quality services resulting in an integrated solution to each demand.

We inform, advise and offer daily services to over 55.000 businesses,

Municipalities, NGOs and individuals.