Mamak MEM (Turkey)

Mamak District Directorate of National Education started to serve in 1983 in District Governorate building. There are 246 institutions in total which are 8 Special Education Centers, 1 Counseling and Research Center, 1 Science and Art Center, 2 Public Education Centers, 9 Independent Nursery Schools, 72 Primary Schools, 58 Secondary Schools, 22 Anatolian High Schools, 16 Vocational and Technical Education Schools, and 57 Private Schools. It continues its education and training services with 7326 teachers and about 110.000 students in our schools.

Our management team is a District Director of National Education, 9 Branch Managers, 19 department chiefs and 112 Officers. At the same time, our management also has 10 teachers who work with full time and part time appointments. There is also a Research and Development (R & D) Unit in the Directorate of the Department of Strategy Development. The R & D Unit consists of a total of 3 people. Our District of Directorate of National Education international and national projects are controlled and organized by R & D project coordinators. Also, the role of managements is to provide any needs of schools, teachers, employees and students. Moreover, our institution ensures success of students and supports schools for qualified education.